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Compressor Will Not Run
Possible Causes Corrective Steps
Chiller or Stager Switch OFF / Circuit Breaker Tripped Reset Switch / Circuit Breaker
Fuse Blown Check Electrical Circuits and Motor Windings for shorts or grounds. Investigate for possible over- loading. Replace Fuse or reset Circuit Breaker after fault is corrected.
Thermal Overloads Tripped Reset any tripped thermal overloads, Check unit
High Suction Pressure
Possible Causes Corrective Steps
Excessive Load Reduce Load or add additional cooling equipment
Expansion Valve malfunction Check Superheat of TXV, replace if necessary
Low Pressure Freeze Alarm
Possible Causes Corrective Steps
Wrong Pump Rotation Reverse the rotation of the circulation pump (Clockwise from motor end)
Evaporator Freeze Up Check Glycol Percentage. Percentage must be at least 20 F below thermostat set point.
Incorrect Freeze Point setpoint Adjust freeze point for application, consult factory.
Compressor Will Not Unload
Possible Causes Corrective Steps
Unloader mechanism defective Replace mechanism
Faulty Thermostat or Pressure Control Check settings of the device, replace if necessary
Cellular Connectivity